Last-Mile Logistics Challenges of Large-Scale Solar Projects

Larry Bernstein

August 15, 2023

Larry Bernstein

Solar has gone mainstream. Drive around your neighborhood and look up. See the solar panels on top of homes, office buildings, retail outlets, and more. Experts predict more growth in the solar power market. The logistics around the delivery of necessary equipment for large-scale solar projects are complex. The last-mile delivery of same-day items is understandably a rush job. The extra caution one needs to take to deliver fragile solar equipment must be considered. Curri delivers the equipment in a timely, secure, and cost-effective manner.

The Rapid, Competitive Growth of Large-Scale Solar

The growth in solar extends beyond your neighborhood. The International Energy Agency (IEA) projects renewable power capacity to grow by a third in 2023, with solar PV accounting for two-thirds of the increase. They add, “The expansion of large-scale solar PV plants is being accompanied by the growth of smaller systems.” The IEA projects the growth to continue in 2024.

Who supplies the solar equipment and who will deliver it must be answered. The answer to these questions (and most business-related questions) is those companies that can make the best product at the most reasonable price. Those behind the construction of large-scale solar projects will turn to companies that can meet the challenge and deliver when needed.

Logistics Challenges for Large PV Projects

With the exponential rise in demand for solar/PV panels and the other equipment needed for solar projects, suppliers face challenges keeping up with demand. Backlogs are arising. Companies have no choice but to extend their supply chain or find different suppliers.

The top producers of panels and other equipment necessary for the construction of solar power capability are overseas. Again, the delicate nature of solar equipment makes handling it more challenging. Companies must be precise to ensure solar equipment is delivered safely and promptly.

Working with companies skilled at material handling is essential for contractors and construction companies. This will minimize the chance that the equipment will be damaged upon delivery, thus frustrating your clients.

Let Curri Help with Safe Deliveries

As a professional courier, Curri’s team has loads of experience with last-mile delivery. That experience extends to solar equipment. We recognize the importance of getting materials into customers hands quickly and securely. Speedy delivery is the ideal, but meaningless if it doesn’t enable the customer to complete their task. Our drivers appreciate the value and importance of the materials they deliver.  

With our vast experience, a large crew of drivers, and advanced systems, we know how to make the logistics work. Our team can deliver solar/PV panels to the job site quickly, so your customers can keep up with the demand for solar. We effectively handle last-mile delivery for large-scale solar projects.

Consider other advantages Curri offers.

Dedicated Delivery Services for the Last-Mile

Do you service customers working on large-scale solar projects that take weeks or even months to complete? Or perhaps your customers are going from one solar project to the next? Curri can serve as the last-mile delivery of the needed solar equipment and free up your fleet for standard deliveries.

With our dedicated services, you get a truck, a driver, route planning software, proof of delivery, and live tracking. We have a range of vehicles (including cargo vans, straight trucks, and tractor-trailers) that can even stay overnight on your lot to be loaded and ready to go in the morning, just like your trucks. A driver arrives daily at a designated time and is on their way. Remove the challenge of last-mile delivery of sensitive solar equipment.

Same-Day Hotshots for Last-Minute Needs

Scheduling those unexpected last-mile deliveries is often a hassle, as drivers and vehicles are already en route. Adding a delivery can throw the whole system off. Curri’s same-day hotshots alleviate this challenge and enable you to deliver solar equipment to your customer on schedule.

A hotshot delivery - an expedited transport service for one-way transport of cargo – can be arranged by clicking a few buttons. We can quickly have the right-sized vehicle available to deliver the solar equipment to your customer. You won’t have to rework your logistics to ensure you can keep up with same-day last-mile delivery.

Trained, Insured, Professional Drivers

The shortage of delivery drivers is well-documented. Companies are going to great lengths to fill open positions. Many are left short-handed and or hiring inexperienced/unqualified personnel. You need professional drivers to deliver sensitive solar equipment in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Curri’s drivers go through a screening and training process. Each driver is insured, leaving you with one less worry. Curri drivers know how to handle all types of construction equipment and have a range of experience. We have a range of vehicles at our disposal for your last-mile delivery. Therefore, you can be confident that no matter the size of the solar project, the right-sized vehicle will be available.

GPS Tracking and Digital Delivery Confirmation

Not only is an unsatisfied customer likely to take their business elsewhere, but they may also take others with them. That’s the power of a bad review. Customers are not interested in why a delay has occurred. They only want to know when their delivery will arrive. Curri can help with real-time GPS tracking for last-mile delivery.

With the platform, you receive up-to-date information on delivery progress, including estimated arrival times and route updates. You can provide accurate and timely delivery updates to your customers so they know precisely when their solar equipment will arrive. The tracking also provides drivers with optimized routes leading to faster delivery. Finally, tracking confirms delivery and real-time information on the package location. Keep customers happy.

Streamline Solar Construction with Curri

Solar construction is happening at a frenetic pace that is likely to continue. The logistics related to last-mile delivery of solar equipment is challenging.

Work with Curri, and you’ll have an experienced professional courier, so you can be confident you can meet the same-day delivery challenge.

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