What Is Buy Online Deliver From Store (BODFS)?

Larry Bernstein

March 10, 2022

Larry Bernstein

The key to business growth is to be focused on responding to customer needs. Based on its growing percentage of sales, it's clear many customers prefer shopping online. The question that businesses then need to answer is how to deliver merchandise to customers. One delivery option that businesses are using is Buy Online Deliver From Store (BODFS).

In the BODFS model, customers shop online, select the items they'd like to buy, and complete their purchases. But rather than having customers drive to the retailer's location to pick up purchased items, the retailer delivers the items right to the customer using a last-mile delivery solution. This is a fantastic value-add service for customers that can have a huge impact on retailer sales revenue.

Curri Last-Mile Delivery Makes It Easy to Offer BODFS to Your Customers

To make BODFS operation work, businesses need to have a reliable fleet. Last-mile delivery – which makes up the largest single cost (40%) in the supply chain – is often difficult to manage. It’s nearly impossible to have the right amount of delivery vehicles available when demand is nearly impossible to predict. Too few vehicles available for operations means delivery will not be reliable. Too large a fleet is a drain on operations.

Companies that partner with Curri can have the right-sized fleet available for delivery during busy times and slow times. Companies can feel confident last-mile delivery will be fulfilled and customers will receive their purchases on schedule. Curri’s on-demand service always has the right vehicle available to make a delivery.

What Are the Benefits of BODFS for the Construction Industry?

Businesses across multiple industries are using BODFS. It’s particularly useful for the construction industry. Contractors who keep projects on schedule are more likely to be successful. This requires having the right equipment/parts on-site as needed. BODFS enables construction parts suppliers to get their stock to construction sites in a timely manner.

Let’s look further into why offering a service like BODFS is important to the industry and the construction parts supplier.

Your Customers Enjoy Same-Day Delivery Options

Knowing that a construction and industry supplier is available to make a same-day delivery inspires confidence and loyalty from customers. Contractors know that the supplier’s delivery service is reliable, and their operations will not be interrupted. By offering BODFS, suppliers offer the construction industry another option that they can turn to as needed.

Contractors Never Have to Leave the Job Site

The construction industry is spread thin these days leaving many contractors operating short-staffed. If someone is pulled off the job to run to a store/distribution center, the team will be down more staff. Either way, team dynamics will be impacted as one (or more) people will not be doing their job. This could lead to a backup, particularly since the tasks being done on a job site are often intertwined. BODFS eliminates this need.

Property Maintenance Companies Always Have the Right Parts

Mistakes happen. Changes happen. And when these things do occur, the construction crew is missing the necessary parts to move forward on a job. Knowing that property maintenance companies have the right parts, and delivery options such as BODFS are available, helps contractors move forward on a project even when the unexpected occurs.

Home Builders Can Keep the Project Moving on Schedule

Scheduling construction jobs and keeping them moving as expected allows home builders to succeed. When parts are missing, and work needs to be delayed until they are on-site, morale can be lowered. To keep a high tempo and efficient workplace operation requires home builders have parts on site. BODFS can get them the parts they need when needed and allow them to maintain their schedule.

What Is Buy Online Ship to Store (BOSS)?

BODFS only works if the requested product is in store. That’s where Buy Online Ship to Store comes into play. In the BOSS model, the transaction begins with customers ordering merchandise online. The merchandise is then shipped to the store. Instead of delivery being made directly to the end customer, the customer must come to the store to pick up their merchandise.

How Curri Can Expand the BOSS Model into BODFS

While the BOSS service offers many benefits, it can be more helpful when combined with BODFS. And, it’s simple to move from BOSS to BODFS. There’s no need to acquire a fleet, hire drivers, or even dramatically alter operations.

If your construction supply business already has the BOSS business model in place, simply adding Curri’s last-mile delivery service to your fleet operations instantly upgrades BOSS to BODFS. Customers no longer have to drive to your location to pick up their orders. You can offer them same-day delivery with help from Curri.

Curri’s API Integration Makes It Easy

Curri makes it easy for construction suppliers to offer BOFDS via our API. With the Curri API, you can create new deliveries and administer all your deliveries. You can get a quote for a delivery, book the delivery – even update or cancel a delivery should the need arise. And you will have the right vehicle for each delivery as you can select from our fleet which includes sedans, pickup trucks, sprinters, box trucks, flatbeds, freight, and everything in between.

Curri is available via an app as well as an all-in-one logistics platform. Integrating with your other systems is simple. Making Curri your delivery partner – even simpler. We make offering BOFDS simple.

Improve Your Fleet Operations with Curri

Choose Curri to help you upgrade your delivery service. With Curri, your fleet operations can meet the needs of your customers in the construction industry. Get merchandise to customers quickly, so they are never missing parts/equipment, and help them stay on schedule. Curri makes it easy. Ready to get started?

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