Retailers Compete to Keep Customers with Same-Day Delivery

Meg Jorbel

January 6, 2022

Meg Jorbel

You’re seeing it more now than ever at the checkout in-stores or online. Same-day delivery.

Retailers and Distributors nationwide know if their customers can’t get it delivered today, they'll go somewhere else.

For Distributors that provide material distribution to the construction and industrial markets, same-day delivery is crucial on construction job sites. And it’s no wonder why.

The construction industry has historically not finished projects on time due to poor job site coordination of building materials and industrial supplies. (1)

Construction businesses are losing more than 1 full day of work every week to inefficiency. Two-thirds (66%) spend more than a quarter of their work hours waiting for work to be done. (1)

On top of that, the construction industry faces a labor shortage crisis. To keep pace with current construction demand, and account for attrition, 740,000 new construction workers are needed each year for the next three years. There are currently 300,000 to 400,000 open construction positions monthly. (2)

So when they do have workers at the job site, they don’t want their valuable time taken away waiting for or leaving to buy building materials and industrial supplies needed.

The lack of job site coordination prevents contractors from doing the work they are built to do. (1)

The power of Curri’s fleet augmentation can help Retailers and Distributors get their materials, equipment and tools delivered same-day to job sites nationwide.

Priority delivery of your building materials and industrial supplies

Contractors and builders nationwide have created a new delivery standard, and they want your materials delivered today. Curri makes it easy to get construction materials to your customers with our job site delivery service.

You can provide your builders and contractors with the equipment and tools they need with our hotshot deliveries. We have 3 options you can choose from depending on your customer's needs.

  1. Same-Day Delivery

Always get your materials delivered to your customers by the end of the day.

If you choose a pickup time before 11 am, your materials will be delivered by 3 p.m. the same day. If you choose a pickup time after 11 am, your materials will be delivered by 5 p.m. the same day.

This on-demand delivery option is great when you have the flexibility for a wider delivery window from your customers.

  1. Rush Delivery

Sometimes your builders and contractors need your materials, and they need them now.

Your customers will keep coming back to you once they get your materials delivered to their job sites right away.

This is our fastest job site delivery option and we assign a driver immediately after you finish booking. The driver will pick up the items and proceed directly to the drop-off location.

  1. Scheduled Delivery

If your builders and contractors know what they need the day or week before, you can schedule delivery for the materials and tools they need.

These are Rush deliveries that have been scheduled in advance on a day and time of your choosing.

Do you have more than one job site where you need your materials delivered?

With Curri, you can add up to 20 stops on any priority delivery option to make sure all your customers get the industrial supplies they need from you.

Set up money-saving Curri Routes for your builders and contractors

You don’t have to hire drivers or expand your delivery operations team. Outside of our priority delivery options, you can also schedule daily or weekly routes.  

With Curri Routes, we'll send a driver and a vehicle of your choosing on the exact days of the week you require. Curri handles all of the wages, leasing, maintenance, gas, and insurance, leaving you to do what you do best - selling material.

Routes can be one-offs or repeated, for 1 day or the whole week. If a route is no longer needed, just let us know and we’ll cancel it until you need us for the next one.

You can sign up for free (don’t worry, no subscription mess to untangle yourself from) then request a quote for a route for your store or branch.

The most extensive vehicle selection for the construction industry

Our versatile fleet provides a large selection of vehicles for any delivery need, big or small. It’s one of the many reasons we are the go-to construction courier.

Does a builder want your lumber delivered ‘yesterday’? Book a stake bed or flatbed to get your building materials delivered on-demand.

Did a tool break on a job site or get lost during the workday? Is a restock of your PPE gear needed?

Curri has cars and SUVs for smaller items like saws, drills and drivers, nail guns, nails, screws, and PPE gear.

Builders and contractors can keep their valuable time at the job site getting work done while getting materials as needed to finish projects on time.

They’ll meet deadlines, move to new jobs, and have their reputation soar with on-demand delivery of your construction materials and industrial supplies.

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