Courier Services for Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FF&E)

Larry Bernstein

April 26, 2022

Larry Bernstein

Since the pandemic hit, uncertainty has become the norm. Many things that once seemed to progress like clockwork, including the supply chain, have become perhaps. Furniture delivery has experienced delays since the pandemic hit. From factory closures to heightened demand to the backup of shipping containers, there are multiple reasons for the back-up in delivery. News outlets have reported consumers and contractors waiting up to six months for the delivery of furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E). When FF&E does arrive, ensuring delivery is timely is essential. Working with a reliable courier who can handle every type of transportation needs can minimize the wait time for FF&E.

FF&E manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers should consider Curri for FF&E transportation.

What Is Curri?

Curri, with its all-in-one logistics platform, helps move material fast, reliably, and professionally. The nationwide delivery solution handles deliveries of construction-related materials, such as FF&E. Whether you need supply runs, site-to-site, warehouse-to-site, branch transfers, etc, we have you covered. Our network of professional, reputable, trustworthy drivers is available 24/7 across the United States. The fleet network includes all types and sizes of vehicles from semis to sedans. Whether your business is looking for a solution for all your deliveries or just when a busy period hits, Curri is ready to be your partner in the delivery of FF&E.

Curri Delivery Solutions

Every business has its unique transportation challenges and needs. You want a company that will work with you to be a delivery partner so that you can keep your customers satisfied. With Curri, you can select from multiple delivery solutions and get the one that works best for you. Whatever solution you choose, you can feel confident that the delivery will be completed professionally and promptly. Let’s take a closer look at some of the delivery solutions for your FF&E business.

FTL and LTL Freight

Do you have busy periods? Uncertainty if you’ll have a sufficient amount of vehicles? With Curri’s advanced platform, you can schedule FTL and LTL deliveries of FF&E on the same day you need them, regardless of the route. When you have this delivery option, your fleet will never be overwhelmed or underwhelmed. Instead, the fleet will always be able to handle the delivery of FF&E, no matter the demand.

Hotshot Transport

You need to get a delivery to a customer, and you need to do it now! Some deliveries are even more time-sensitive and important than others. You need a hotshot so that your customer, who is waiting on FF&E, can progress on a construction project. Having reliable transportation options, with an on-demand driver and vehicle for hotshots, is challenging. Curri makes this delivery option simple, with local drivers on demand who can can get the FF&E to its destinations quickly and safely.

Scheduled Routes

People and businesses thrive on predictability. When we know what to expect, we can mentally prepare, give our best efforts, and get better results. How does this relate to delivery? Some routes are scheduled and standardized. Knowing those routes are covered eases the stress on your FF&E business. Curri's integrated logistics and courier services simplify scheduled routes. We can make our fleet available to your business, so your scheduled routes run like clockwork, and you’ll know the delivery happens on time.

First Mile Delivery

The first step in the supply chain involves transporting products from where they were manufactured to a warehouse or distribution center. Known as first-mile delivery, this step is crucial, as evidenced by the heavily reported backups occurring at shipping ports around the country. At Curri, we can handle transportation service for FF&E, so the all-important first mile of transportation does not hold the process up. Again, this can be a scheduled route or a hotshot. It’s up to you.

Middle Mile Delivery

Typically, beginnings and endings are celebrated and featured in social media posts. The middle, on the other hand, while vital to the process, is often under-appreciated. This relates to the supply chain and middle mile delivery. In this link in the chain, FF&E is transported between a distribution or holding facility to a second location – perhaps a retail outlet – before it gets to the end customer. Telling end customers their equipment is on its way does not answer when it will arrive. With Curri, your business can get the shipment to your customer on schedule.

Last-Mile Delivery

Last-mile delivery grabs the headlines and is the star of the supply chain show. It’s the costliest of the journeys and the only one the end customer deals with directly. Whatever route FF&E is delivered to your end customer - hotshot, LTL, FTL, etc., - it’s the last mile, and it must be done right. Curri’s large fleet network of experienced drivers can make sure that the end customer gets their FF&E and help you deliver on your promises.

Delivery Logistics for FF&E Businesses

The horror stories of waiting for furniture are real. The kinks in the global supply-chain system are beyond the scope of any one person or company. But there are some elements of the delivery process every business can control. For those transporting FF&E, Curri can serve as a partner no matter what type of solution you require. Keep your customers happy with a reliable, quick, and flexible logistics - contact Curri!

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