Overcoming Construction Disruption in 2022

Larry Bernstein

September 7, 2022

Larry Bernstein

Charles Dickens began his famous novel, A Tale of Two Cities, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” In many ways, this is an apt description of the construction industry in 2022. Last year closed with the passing of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which will pump massive amounts of funding into infrastructure construction. Then, there’s the housing shortage, with some pegging the number of homes needed to be built at more than five million. Great demand and money to be spent – the best of times for the construction industry in 2022.

And yet, the dark clouds are just as clear for the industry. Supply chain disruption is wreaking havoc on the construction industry. Project schedules are being altered, and progress is slowing while crews wait for the product. Some construction sites are being shut down altogether. The economy is yo-yo-ing as consumers still feel pent-up demand yet are overwhelmed by inflation. Worker shortages are another challenge forcing companies to find creative ways to meet demand despite staffing limits.

The New Disruption Economy

One word – logistics. One of the pandemic’s impacts on the construction industry was it forced companies to focus more on logistics. Between shortages, disruptions, and supply chain fluctuations, having sufficient product/supplies/equipment was a significant challenge. This challenge will continue to exist in the future. Many companies across the industry are now relying on smart logistics technology to help them manage operations.  

The number of available jobs has exceeded the number of people looking for work since the spring of 2018 (except for a brief period in 2020 when shutdowns were in effect in much of the nation). Staffing shortages persist even as the economy has begun to slow. The construction industry has been facing a worker shortage for years, with some putting the number of workers needed at over 400,000. There's another wrinkle – it’s expected that 40% of US construction workers will retire in the next ten years – and staffing concerns are even greater. This dynamic is sure to disrupt the construction industry.

How Curri Can Help

With all the disruption that has occurred in the recent past and more expected in the future, the construction industry needs partners it can count on. Curri’s all-in-one logistics platform can help suppliers move material quickly and keep construction moving forward. The as-needed delivery and logistics service enables construction and building materials suppliers to focus on operations and be lean on staffing.

The Resources to Meet Sky-high Customer Expectations

With the construction industry scrambling to get materials through the supply chain, any added delay in moving products is unacceptable. Curri’s on-demand hotshot delivery can minimize disruptions and meet customer demand for timeliness.

Have a time-sensitive delivery you must make? Curri can get it done. We make it easy for you to offer same-day, on-site delivery for your customers. Whether it’s going to a distribution center, a construction site, or a customer’s front door, you can get it from A to B with Curri. Supplies/material/equipment gets to where it needs to go when it's needed, and construction can proceed without disruption.

A Flexible Operations Tool During Industry Consolidation

Big-box stores and incumbent players have scrambled the market by furthering their domination. They’ve consolidated operations to gain more control and avoid disruption. They’ve also consolidated the market by swallowing up some smaller and midsize players, leaving less competition. The changes and growth of industry giants have their positives and negatives.

Curri works with companies of all sizes, including behemoths. Just like the other players in the industry, the giants face challenges with staffing. In addition, expanding the range of operations means a need for more oversight. By turning to Curri, the big guys and everyone else have one less operation to focus on. They can be confident that delivery to customers will happen as scheduled.

A Solution for Staffing Shortages

Consider this scenario. A product is moving through the supply chain as scheduled. Then, suddenly it stalls out and seems to be frozen. Maybe, it’s at a warehouse, a distribution center, or a retail outlet. The only thing the final customer knows is that they’re at a construction site, and they need their delivery. They don’t care about the logistics.

What’s the holdup in moving products? The answer these days is often staffing shortages. There’s an acute shortage of truck drivers with The American Trucking Association estimating the number at 80,000. All the technology in the world is irrelevant if the material is not being moved from point A to point B. Staffing shortages exacerbate disruption. Curri's network of local drivers can deliver products anywhere in the continental United States seven days a week. Don’t let the product stay on shelves leaving your customer disappointed.

Advanced Logistics and Easy Integration

These days, maintaining a delivery service can be a logistical headache. Paper and pen or even a computerized spreadsheet can't cut it. In 2022 and beyond, construction industry customers demand speedy service to help them in their struggle to meet deadlines.

Curri’s advanced logistics platform keeps you informed about where the product is at all times. The visibility offers assurance to both you and your customer. Once set up, the platform is easy to use and requires minimal effort. Finally, it can be integrated with other systems, such as inventory tracking which gives you a clear picture of supplies.

Curri Kickstarts Your Supply Chain

After a few rough years, the American supply chain remains fractured. Shortages and disruptions have become the norm rather than the exception. To cope with the challenge, construction material suppliers must ensure their logistics are top-notch to meet their customers’ demands.

Curri can boost your part in the supply chain and keep product moving. The construction industry requires the consistency that comes with a smooth-flowing supply chain.

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