LTL Last Mile Delivery Services for Retailers

Larry Bernstein

October 16, 2022

Larry Bernstein

While supply chain issues have eased slightly, snags remain. The issues trickle down to the end customer, who is left disappointed that their order is delayed or unavailable. For retailers that focus on pleasing their customers, goods can’t be sitting on a shelf, stock room, or shipping dock. Items need to be turned over and shipped quickly. This requires the retailer to have well-run shipping and receiving (S&R) operation.

Working with a courier who ensures prompt delivery can help retailers satisfy their customers.

Why LTL and Last Mile Delivery Are a Problem for Retail

Last-mile delivery – the only segment of the shipping process that the end customer sees directly – is key to customer satisfaction. It’s also the most expensive and time-consuming element of the shipping process. From outdated technology to various inefficiencies and high operations costs, last-mile delivery challenges retailers.

Another wrinkle that makes last-mile delivery challenging for retailers is less than truckload (LTL) deliveries. An LTL delivery is incredibly inefficient. Why should a retailer send out a truck if it’s not full? It means more wear and tears on the delivery vehicles and higher operational costs (gas, driver, etc.). However, if retailers only send out a fully packed vehicle, it means longer wait times for the end customer.

When retailers work with a courier, they can send items on-demand, so customers receive their purchases more quickly. Customers will be more pleased because they have their needed items and can keep to their work schedule.

Receiving: Upstream Delays Lead to Product Shortages

Since the pandemic damaged the supply chain, retailers have been caught in the middle. They have disappointed customers wondering what is going on with operations while they wait for their product. Meanwhile, the retailer is waiting on manufacturers to get them the product (who may be waiting on suppliers to get them materials to develop the product). Upstream delays in the supply chain, i.e. those activities applicable to their suppliers, are out of the retailer’s control. Beyond looking for other suppliers, they have no good options. Upstream delays inevitably lead to product shortages.

Shipping: Last Mile Delays Lead to Unhappy Customers and Canceled Orders

Customers are frustrated when there are upstream delays. Yet, a reasonable customer will understand that the issue is beyond the retailer's control. That understanding will quickly dissipate if the retailer delays further upon receiving the goods.

Once the retailer has the product, they need to proceed with delivery as soon as possible. Customers don’t want to hear a delivery can’t be made because a retailer is short on drivers, etc. Operations need to move the product into shipping rapidly. Failure to do so will annoy customers and may lead them to cancel orders and take their business elsewhere.

Curri’s Express LTL Delivery Streamlines Shipping and Receiving

Curri, an integrated logistics and courier platform, works directly with retailers on delivery loads of all types, including LTL delivery. Retailers who work with Curri don’t get caught having to balance customer satisfaction against the excessive costs of last-mile LTL delivery.

We can help you streamline your S&R process as we are available on demand for retailers to handle their last-mile service. The service is available from Monday through Sunday, 6 AM to 10 PM nationwide, so you can ensure your customers have the materials they need when they need them.

On-Demand: A Complete Fleet of Delivery Vehicles and Local Drivers

One of the challenges of LTL last mile delivery for retailers is sending the shipment in an appropriate vehicle. For example, sending an entire box truck to deliver one mattress. Curri has a wide range of delivery vehicles - straight trucks, flatbeds, sprinter vans, pickups, sedans, etc. - that are available nationwide. So, the right-sized vehicle is available for delivery at all times.

We work with crowdsourced local drivers who are familiar with the area and can make the delivery in the most efficient time. Being local means they are nearby, so they can quickly pick up the product from your retail outlet and delivery it to your customer. In fact, the average time for drivers to pick up an item is between 30-45 minutes. In addition, drivers are trained to deliver top-notch customer service and leave your customer satisfied. Finally, they’re fully insured, which leaves you with one less worry.

Advanced Logistics. Live Tracking. Digital Delivery Confirmation

Your customers have a job to do, and they are counting on the products you deliver to them. Delivery delays can mean a stalled job. Therefore, time matters. By knowing when to expect the delivery, schedules can be altered, so the job flows seamlessly. It also gives your customers peace of mind.

Curri offers an advanced logistics platform that provides custom usage reports. You also get live tracking, so you know when the pickup and drop-off will take place. And so does your customer. They're not sitting around wondering when their delivery will be or reaching out to ask you. Plus, you get a signed delivery confirmation once the job is complete. You can know exactly how long delivery takes and plan your shipping accordingly. Best of all, you know the materials are with your customer, just as they should be. And that’s peace of mind for you!

Discover What Curri Can Do for Your S&R Operations

LTL and last-mile delivery are traditionally a challenge for retailers. These days with the supply chain out of wack and S&R causing headaches for retailers nationwide, anything that can better the process is worth a shot.

Curri was designed to get the job done for retailers. We are ready to partner with you on your LTL last-mile delivery operations and help you impress your customers. Don’t leave them waiting while you choose between costs and customer satisfaction.

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