Top Equipment Needed for Hotshot Trucking

Larry Bernstein

September 25, 2021

Larry Bernstein

Have you been doing long-haul trucking but are interested in exploring options that allow you to spend more time at home? Or are you a new driver and are trying to decide what type – long-haul or hotshot – will work best for you?   Either way, it’s important to know what kind of equipment is required for hotshot trucking.

A Reliable Pickup Truck

Hotshot hauls tend to be smaller than those done in long-haul trucking. Therefore, a pickup truck is sufficient in terms of size.

Because hotshot driving involves the delivery of time-sensitive loads, drivers must have a reliable pickup truck. If loads are not delivered on a timely basis, shippers will lose business. So, the expectation is that hotshot drivers will be able to reliably deliver the load when needed and meet customer expectations.

Besides speed, a hotshot trucker needs a reliable pickup truck because they may very well be making multiple deliveries per day. If the pickup truck proves unreliable, it will impact multiple stops. This leaves the shipping company had to quickly rearrange the schedule or disappointing multiple customers.

A Well-Built Trailer

Having some type of trailer, whether it’s a gooseneck, lowboy, step deck, etc. is helpful since they allow drivers to haul larger loads.

The cost to install a trailer and hitch on a truck varies. Yet, it’s worth it for drivers to spend more and have a reliable trailer. With a well-built trailer, you can often your employer confidence that you can deliver the load safely. And it’s not only about the safety of the load. Keep yourself and other drivers safe with a well-built trailer. The miles, as well as the wear and tear, add up on trailers that are being used by hotshot drivers.

Straps, Chains, Binders, and Machine Grade Tarps

Reliability is about more than consistently delivering the haul to the recipient on time. It also includes delivering a product in the same condition it was sent. After all, damaged goods are useless and can lead to customers taking their business elsewhere. One way to help ensure that the load arrives undamaged is to have quality securement gear.

Quality securement gear equipment which includes straps, chains, binders, and tarps, also impacts safety. Items flying off the truck are an obvious hazard to other drivers. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has rules regarding securing cargo. They apply to all types of cargo and focus on securement, working load limits, and blocking and bracing. Read more about the rules here.

Drivers for Curri transport bagged items that can be secured, rather than loose sand, gravel, soil, etc. So, drivers, make sure to have quality securement gear, and read here for more tips on how to do it right. Take the time to properly use the straps, chains, binders, and tarps to avoid potential fines, keep your load secure, and keep your load in the condition in which it was loaded.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

It’s important to dress the part whether you are a businessperson going to a meeting, a fireperson at a fire scene, or a driver making a hotshot delivery. Dressing the part encourages a person to do their best work comfortably and safely.

Since the pandemic, for just about everyone, dressing the part means wearing Personal Protective Equipment of PPE. For many who have become familiar with the term PPE since the pandemic, the term refers strictly to a mask and gloves. However, PPE is any type of protective clothing or equipment that is designed to protect the individual wearing it. Hotshot drivers certainly need to be mindful of the PPE requirements of the load recipient as it relates to COVID-19.

Additional types of PPE may very well be needed depending on the load’s destination. For example, if a delivery is being made to a warehouse, a safety vest and safety goggles may be needed for safety/health purposes. When you make a hotshot delivery to a construction site, you should wear PPE such as a hard hat and steel-toed boots.

So, dress the part including PPE and keep yourself safe, healthy, and productive.

If You Are a Hotshot Driver, Consider Curri

Being successful at anything requires having the right equipment. Whether you are a new or experienced driver, make sure to get the equipment needed for hotshot delivery, and you are on your way to success.

Want to be a Hotshot driver for Curri? Reach out today.

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