The Importance of Reliable, Safe Delivery Drivers

Larry Bernstein

July 24, 2023

Hurry, hurry, hurry. Everybody is in a rush these days. And when your customers are waiting for the delivery of their construction and industrial supplies, the driver can’t arrive soon enough. However, the driver should be focused on safely delivering the supplies, which may add minutes to the route. In the long run, the cautious driver is often more efficient and reliable as the delivery gets to its destination safely.

Safe, professional drivers are the key to successful, profitable logistics and delivery operations.

Safe and Steady Wins the Race

Auto racing is one of the most popular sports in the world. Many people love to see cars speed around the track at amazing speeds while making difficult turns. Terrible crashes are also a memorable part of auto racing. Moral – leave excessive speed for the track and keep the fleet moving at reasonable speeds.

Navigating the logistics of midday traffic in a busy area – while not as exciting as a racetrack – can be just as challenging for drivers. To win the delivery race, a diligent driver focuses on safe driving. The delivery makes it to the destination, and your customer has the material they need to get the job done. A satisfied customer means you win every race.

Certainty and Visibility Make Logistics Systems More Efficient

Your customer may be under pressure to complete a project. Waiting for essential materials to be delivered may seem like an eternity for customers – no matter how quickly the driver arrives. The wait time for delivery is more bearable when the customer knows the driver’s expected arrival time.

A logistics system that keeps you and your customer informed about delivery times increases certainty and efficiency. You can assure the customer and let others know when they can expect their delivery. Having visibility into your fleet allows you to manage the logistics as necessary so that each delivery arrives on time. This also leads to enhanced safety since the fleet is being used efficiently, resulting in less pressure to rush.  

Retaining a Great Team Is Key to Streamlined Staffing

Keeping your fleet running safely and efficiently requires a great team. Diligent delivery drivers are valuable, so hiring and retaining them is essential. Today’s economy requires delivery drivers, making them in great demand. If there are delays in hiring them, they can easily take their services elsewhere.

Excessive paperwork and delays in the hiring process are frustrating and may encourage good candidates to reconsider. On the other hand, if human resources streamline staffing, potential hires are identified and brought on more quickly. Streamlined staffing allows you to get drivers on board quickly and able to deliver to your customers. Identifying and quickly hiring safe drivers is essential to keeping your fleet on the road and your customers happy.  

Reduce and Outsource Fleet Insurance Liability Costs

While inflation is down from its height, it remains elevated. One of the most significant drivers of inflation is increased labor costs. As noted above, drivers are in demand leading to the need to pay them higher salaries. A refusal to raise salaries may result in challenges with staffing retention and new hires. It can also lead to a reduction in the quality of new hires or being short-staffed.

Each of the scenarios leads to the increased potential of unsafe driving. And when that happens – insurance liability costs go up. One accident can lead to a significant rise in insurance costs.

Retaining safe drivers without breaking the bank doesn’t have to result in staff shortages. You can outsource delivery as needed. With the burden reduced, fleet insurance liability costs can be stabilized or even reduced. The burden of insurance payment shifts to the outsource delivery service company.

Excellent Exceptions Management Pays Dividends

Most of us can manage the norm or standard. It’s in the business plan. Check the flow chart and proceed as prescribed. Nice, efficient.

But what about when things go awry? The exceptions or unexpected – well, they’re much harder to arrive. For example, your phone is ringing off the hook as everyone wants delivery service. Great! Well, how do you handle it? You have a limited fleet and drivers. The logistics don’t add up, leading you to disappoint your customers and or overwhelm your drivers.

Excellent exception management, in this case, would mean outsourcing your overflow deliveries. Customers are happy as they get their supplies delivered as needed, and drivers are not overwhelmed. The rush is managed without jeopardizing safety.

Give Your Team the Tools to Get the Job Done Right

Offering delivery of construction and industrial supplies has become table stakes. Managing the logistics related to delivery can be challenging. Cutting corners can lead to unsafe conditions imperiling your drivers, the fleet, and insurance costs.

Safe, professional delivery drivers help you satisfy your customers and turn them into loyal fans. They also allow your company to get the most competitive insurance rates.

The challenge – finding and retaining safe drivers. Maintaining the proper staffing, even with a glut of drivers, is a guessing game.

By outsourcing delivery to Curri, you can be sure your company always has professional drivers. Ease the burden of maintaining and supporting your drivers and lower your liability insurance. Partner with Curri, and be confident about the logistics related to your delivery operations.

Larry Bernstein
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