If Your Virtual Fleet Subscription Solution Costs Too Much, Try Curri

Colby Morgan

December 21, 2022

Colby Morgan

If you run a business in the construction or industrial supplies industries, chances are you've wondered if there's a better logistics solution than the one you're currently using. Curri is the answer you're looking for. Not only is it more affordably priced, but it also offers efficient solutions to manage your deliveries. With features like in-depth reporting that helps make sense of data, intelligent route optimization, and real-time tracking, Curri is an invaluable tool for any business. By utilizing Curri, our customers have saved over 30% on operating expenses, such as fleet insurance and maintenance, and improved their delivery experience to increase customer retention by 25%.

Why the Subscription Model Isn't Ideal

Although the subscription model appears to be less of a commitment for a virtual fleet, it isn't always ideal. Subscription costs are expensive and riddled with hidden fees that often take up a large portion of budgeted funds. Many companies may find that opting for a subscription model could commit them to more services or products than they need, resulting in an inefficient use of resources. If you have a one-off delivery that requires a larger vehicle, you can bet that you will be moved to a more expensive subscription tier. Additionally, when attempting to get out of subscriptions, early-cancellation penalties make getting out of the subscription extremely difficult. A subscription-based virtual fleet is not a cost-effective solution for many companies. That's why at Curri, there are no subscriptions - you pay for exactly what you need.

Why Our Virtual Fleet Is So Efficient and Effective

Curri's virtual fleet aims to revolutionize the way businesses operate, enabling companies to operate an on-demand fleet with unmatched efficiency and effectiveness. Our virtual fleet offers the flexibility and scalability needed to keep up with demand without accumulating costly overhead. Curri's virtual fleet is designed to allow businesses to respond quickly to changes in customer demand while avoiding losses due to failure to deliver. Ultimately, companies seeking economic returns can trust Curri's virtual fleets to maximize customer satisfaction and reduce overhead costs.

Pay As You Go - You Pay Only for the Deliveries You Request

With Curri's subscription-free logistics platform, you only pay for deliveries when you request them. With subscription models, you must pay monthly even if you only use the service three months out of the year. Instead of having to set up a subscription or contract with a delivery service, all you need to do is create your free account, place the order and get your item delivered within the specified timeframe. The flexibility of Curri's platform gives users access to our 2M+ nationwide carrier network without long-term commitments. Businesses enjoy greater peace of mind knowing their budget isn't being wasted on subscription costs and fees but on actual deliveries they request.

No Fees, No Subscription Costs, No Surprise Charges

Utilizing a logistics platform should be a stress-free experience, especially regarding budgeting. With no fees, no subscription costs, and no surprise charges, you can have peace of mind, knowing exactly how much you're spending without any hidden charges or expenses that may creep up on you out of nowhere. With Curri, meeting delivery demands and deadlines is made even more accessible and free of financial stress.

Experienced Local Drivers, Located Nationwide

If you're looking for a dependable and experienced delivery driver with local expertise, you'll find it with Curri. As a result, our 2M+ nationwide carrier network of drivers provides quick and reliable deliveries. These experienced local drivers are equipped with personal knowledge of your area and the market. Our all-in-one logistics platform keeps any business running smoothly while saving costs. Whether you need a Hotshot or Dedicated Route, finding the right vehicle and driver is just a few clicks away.

A Complete Fleet of Vehicles, from Sedans to Semis

Our fleet of vehicles, from sedans to semis, has everything your business could need to transport construction equipment or supplies. Curri's virtual fleet provides customers with an unparalleled choice of vehicles and accessories. Whether your material can fit in a car or you need a semi-truck, Curri has the right vehicle for your needs. By utilizing Curri, our customers have saved over 30% on operating expenses by choosing the most adequate vehicle for their delivery.

Everyday Dedicated Services to Increase Efficiency  

Time is money, and now more than ever, businesses need delivery services that are quick and efficient. At Curri, we aim to provide you with the most efficient solutions possible to improve your delivery times. Curri Dedicated Routes are designed with this in mind, allowing you to operate with the same flexibility as if it were your trucks on the road. We offer either 4-hour or 8-hour shifts, providing multiple opportunities throughout the day to get essential deliveries where they need to go. Plus, our drivers know what it takes to manage a route - reporting directly to your warehouse each morning and again for a mid-morning or afternoon run when needed. By adding in a Curri Dedicated Route, you can boost efficiencies and customer experiences alike!

Real-Time Logistics, Tracking, and Confirmation Technology

Curri's innovative platform features real-time logistics, tracking, and confirmation technology that revolutionize the delivery process. What used to be a costly affair full of word-of-mouth and paperwork can now be done in seconds. Live tracking provides customers with up-to-date ETAs and confirmation that their orders have arrived at their intended destination. Curri's platform is a game-changer for businesses relying on delivery services - they no longer have to rely on secondhand accounts or hope their products are delivered on time. With proof of delivery photos and signatures, you are assured that your orders were received as expected and that all of their products arrived unscathed. Curri's technology provides complete visibility into the delivery of your product - something essential for streamlining operations and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Streamlined Integration with the Software You Already Use

Modern businesses rely on technology to streamline their processes. Integrating the right software into an existing system ensures that you have a streamlined workflow and don't miss out on essential data. However, it can be overwhelming trying to integrate your software while still running your regular operations. That's where streamlined integration with the software you already use comes in! It can help you worry less about training your employees on unfamiliar applications and focus more on getting the desired results without disrupting your daily operations. Streamlined integration means one less thing to worry about when tackling technology projects, so you can rest assured that everything is running efficiently and smoothly.

Curri’s Virtual Fleet for Enterprise Customers

If you're looking to tap the full potential of your operations with an enterprise-grade logistics platform but are having difficulty finding a provider: look no further than Curri. With access to our expansive 2M+ nationwide carrier network and fleet right-sizing capabilities, Curri can help you overcome any spikes in demand like a pro. When companies partner with Curri, they save an average of 30% on operational costs such as insurance and maintenance while increasing customer retention by 25%. Streamline your operations, increase sales and provide your customers with the best possible experience today. Try Curri for yourself - signing up is free and you'll only pay for the deliveries you book.

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