Top 5 Reasons to Drive with Curri

Meg Jorbel

November 1, 2022

Meg Jorbel

Curri entered the gig economy in 2019 to be the way the world delivers construction and industrial supplies.

The customer-facing Curri app is a single platform for hotshot, schedule, daily route, and freight deliveries. Drivers who drive with the Curri app deliver for large retailers and small business owners nationwide in the Building Materials Industry, including HVAC, lumber, electrical, paint, roofing and more.

The majority of gig economy workers have a full-time position in addition to their gig work. And now, the gig economy is bustling with more options than ever. It’s common for gig workers to drive with multiple apps such as Uber, Lyft, Instacart or Doordash. It’s a smart choice to diversify how you generate gig income.

Read on to learn the top 5 reasons gig workers nationwide have been adding Curri to their side-hustle mix.

Better pay to help supplement your gig income

There’s been quite an uproar in the gig economy around fair pay. Gig companies like Uber and Instacart are struggling to pay their rideshare and delivery drivers adequately, which has resulted in a nationwide wave of pushback against gig employers.

You can use the Curri Driver app to help supplement your gig income. We pay drivers the same day the delivery happens. The payout for each delivery with Curri is variable on multiple factors. In general, the larger the load, the longer the distance, the higher the payout.

Unlike delivering food, construction and industrial supplies have a higher monetary value. Think of the lumber and pipes a contractor uses when building a new home - there’s a lot more to the cargo in your truck with a Curri delivery.

And because of this, we can pay our drivers much better, so we are a great addition to have in your back pocket. Download the Curri Driver app to help diversify your income from gig work, all vehicle types needed and welcomed!

Better hours, no late nights, and no crumbs in your backseat

Driving with Curri means you will have a daytime gig. We operate during our customers' business hours, meaning you can say goodbye to being out at 2 a.m. on dark roads driving humans around or delivering takeouts. From big retailers to small local businesses, you can enjoy morning, afternoon, and evening surges that fit into your schedule.

Most manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers in the building materials industry close by 10 p.m. at the latest, so you can always find yourself at home at a decent time.

Construction supplies make the perfect passenger, so you won’t have to worry about crumbs in your backseat, turning off your audiobook or playlist.

Flexible delivery options for our drivers

Our drivers are sent 3 priority delivery options on the Curri Driver app.

  1. Rush: These deliveries are time-sensitive in nature. It's important to complete these promptly, within an hour, to maintain a solid driver rating.
  2. Scheduled: These are Rush deliveries that have been scheduled in advance.
  3. Same Day: These deliveries are less time-sensitive. You'll be given a window to pick up and deliver these items.

Some Curri drivers work for stores every day and even on a weekly or monthly basis. This is called a "route". Route drivers appreciate the visibility of their schedule and income.

Free perks: Join our pipe rack program for a win-win

If you drive a pickup truck, Curri will send you a pipe rack to help you get more gigs! Get in touch with us at to get set up with a pipe rack for your vehicle.

Not only is this a win for you, but it’s also a win for Curri for being able to provide our customers with a pipe rack option as needed.

Sigh of relief from less insurance liability while driving

Rideshare accidents have become much more common. This places drivers at risk.

When a rideshare driver causes an accident and he or she is at fault, then the driver may be liable for passenger injury.

You can always drive with more peace of mind with construction supplies as your passenger, as any damage that may occur to the materials is automatically insured by Curri up to $25,000.

Get Curri-ed away!

Interested in driving with Curri? See what our drivers have to say about being a part of the Curri team.

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