A Simple Solution for Same Day Electrical Supply Deliveries

Larry Bernstein

October 18, 2021

Larry Bernstein

Ask people what the goal of a business is, and many will say ‘make money.’ But that answer is wrong. Sort of. The goal of every business, including electrical suppliers, should be to satisfy its customers. If electrical suppliers do not satisfy their customers, they can forget about profits and any other business goals. Customer satisfaction must be a business’ primary objective.

To satisfy your customers, you need to know what they want. While it varies depending on the product or service that a business provides, one expectation is true across the board, and that’s top-notch customer service. For electrical suppliers and distributors, good customer service includes providing same-day delivery of goods. Therefore, electrical suppliers and distributors need to find a way to consistently offer same-day delivery. Simple enough - right? Well, it can be if the business has a reliable delivery system. Read on for a solution that will work for your electrical supplier business.

Why It’s Difficult for Distributors

Getting the right product and the right amount of it to a customer the same day they order it requires multiple steps. Ordering stock, receiving the stock, organizing the stock, receiving the customer order, and processing the order. There are potential issues every step of the way, each of which is out of your control. Let’s say all of this goes right. Great! You’re good! Not so fast. We’ve yet to even mention the actual delivery of the product to the customer whenever they don’t stop by the counter directly.

Do you have a driver available to make the delivery? Do you have a vehicle that’s appropriate in terms of size, for the electrical materials?

As you can see, there are lots of moving parts in this process that need to act in sync to have same-day delivery work as customers demand. Therefore, making same-day delivery a seamless process takes lots of planning and a little bit of luck for distributors.

Why It’s Important to Customers

While same-day delivery is a challenge for electrical suppliers and distributors, it’s a must for contractors. Many contractors order materials as they need them, rather than having physical storage space to keep extra inventory. This lean approach means when a contractor orders electrical supplies they are counting on them to get their work done for that day (or the next day). If the materials are not delivered on the same day, work may have to be delayed. Delays and downtime eat into the contractor's bottom line and impact their availability for future jobs.

Customers are typically anxious to have a contractor complete the work as quickly as possible. If the electrical work is impacting the electricity in the property, customers will be even more eager to see the work completed. If contractors are not able to meet the timelines they set for their customers, their business will suffer since word of mouth and reputation are typically the way contractors get clients. So, to meet the demands of their customers, contractors and electricians rely on same-day delivery from electrical suppliers and distributors.

Why the Last Mile Is the First Priority

How frustrating is it to be so close yet so far away? Yup, it can drive you crazy. And that’s why last-mile delivery should be a priority. As a reminder, the last mile in delivery means getting the product from the store/warehouse/central hub to the purchaser. Logistics experts consider it the most time-consuming and expensive part of the supply chain. When last-mile delivery fails, a product went through all the stages noted above yet does not make it to the customer when they need it.

Electrical suppliers and distributors need to do everything they can to make sure they succeed at last-mile delivery. Consider the contractor’s viewpoint. They order the supplies they need to get their work done and you have told them it’s in stock and they can expect a delivery that day. Great! But then, something goes wrong, and the product does not arrive. That’s a wasted day. At least if the customer was told the product is out of stock, they could have gone elsewhere. In this case, you have an angry customer who may very well never come back because of the failed promise of same-day delivery.

Curri’s On-Demand Delivery Fleet Is Your Solution

Curri can help electrical suppliers and distributors fulfill their promise of same-day delivery. As a professional delivery service, we deliver on-demand and on time. Our fleet can deliver construction and industrial materials of all sizes and handle them with care. We have drivers available nationwide and on-call all day.

Additionally, this fleet is available as you need it. So, whether it’s for a day, a single run, a regular run, Curri is available. You can even make our fleet your fleet and rid yourself of any last mile issues. We can handle same-day delivery for your business – that’s what we do.

Contact Curri for Streamlined Transportation

We specialize in delivering construction and industrial supplies, including electrical equipment. Want to partner with Curri and streamline your transportation needs and get same-day delivery right? Sign up with Curri for free and only pay for what you need.

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