The Benefits of Fleet Augmentation for Building Materials Suppliers

Larry Bernstein

July 28, 2021

Larry Bernstein

Fifty-plus years ago the Beatles released the song, “Help!” It went to number one on the charts and was the title song of a hit movie. Its popularity is no surprise – can’t we all use some help sometimes? Building materials suppliers often need some help, or fleet augmentation, to ensure they deliver supplies to customers quickly.

How to Augment Your Construction Materials Fleet

When building materials suppliers utilize fleet augmentation, they use couriers to supplement their own fleet and ensure they meet the delivery demands of their customers. For example, an order pops up last minute that must be delivered quickly, but the right vehicle is not available. A courier can step in on-demand and deliver the building materials as needed.

Another option is to partner with an integrated courier, so they can regularly augment the fleet. In this scenario you never have to sweat another delivery. The fleet you require is ready to make deliveries as needed.

Either way, no delivery is too large or distance too long. Also, deliveries can be tracked to ensure your customers receive building materials on time as promised. A simple call ensures your requirements are met.

1) Understand the Obstacles to Efficient Delivery

Harvard Business Review research found, “When it comes to service, companies create loyal customers primarily by helping them solve their problems quickly and easily.” The challenge when it comes to delivery for building materials suppliers (and delivery in general) is the last mile. The last mile, or getting construction materials to the purchaser’s door, is expensive and time-consuming. However, companies need to get the last mile right if they hope to thrive.

Getting it right means hiring drivers who are properly trained. In this tight economy, retaining enough drivers is a challenge. Once drivers are hired, they need training so they are clear on company procedures and expectations. Hiring and training drivers is a burdensome chore, as turnover is inevitable. And what about surges in demand? Will there be sufficient staff to make sure customers receive construction materials on a timely basis?

The other part of the delivery equation is the fleet itself. If building materials suppliers maintain their own fleet (as opposed to renting trucks as needed and hoping the rental business will prioritize your business), they carry the expenses of purchasing and maintaining the fleet. Once again the question arises: What happens when there’s a surge? Or a slowdown? (Over-investment in the fleet reduces capital available for other areas.) Having the right supply and type of vehicles in the fleet to meet demand is a sophisticated art. Get it right, meet your customers’ demands, and be their hero. Get it wrong, and it could be detrimental to your business.

Using a courier for fleet augmentation removes or lessens the guesswork related to the fleet and the hassle of hiring and training drivers. It can make efficient delivery of construction materials a reality for building material suppliers.

2) Prioritize High-value and Time-sensitive Customers

You know the 80/20 rule – the business adage that 20 percent of your customers produce 80 percent of your sales. While of course every business wants to satisfy every customer, the regular customers – your 20 percent – take top priority. Imagine if a high-value customer places an order for building materials and the fleet is out, so delivery will be delayed.


With an on-demand service providing fleet augmentation, there’s never a doubt that you can meet the demands of your highest-value customers. Having a fleet augmentation partner means you can meet high-value customer demands without neglecting other customers. The right vehicle is available on demand so each customer can get the service they deserve.

3) Choose the Right Solution

With on-demand delivery and logistics, the right vehicle is always available to make a delivery of your construction material. Curri provides you with advanced technology, live tracking, proof of delivery, and the fastest delivery options in the industry. You no longer need to wonder if and when a delivery was made. This brings peace of mind and enables your company to stand out. One client summed it up: “In the world of wholesale distribution, where most situations require timeliness, Curri is a must-have option to stay ahead of the competition.”

Curri Provides Rapid Fleet Supplementation

And Curri’s diversified, nationwide fleet is fast, with a vehicle and professionally trained driver arriving at your location ready to load construction materials for delivery within 40 minutes. We can augment any building materials supplier’s fleet. So keep your customers satisfied. Make each delivery quickly.

Ready for the Curri fleet to join your team? Get started today!

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