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On-Demand Delivery to the Job Site, Retailer, or Distribution Center

When we say that Curri offers on-demand delivery, we mean it. If you get a last-minute, rush order delivery, you don’t have to sacrifice resources to get it taken care of. Just pull up the Curri app, make your request, and a local driver will handle it so your team doesn’t get thrown off schedule. You can always count on us for your deliveries directly to the job site, retailer, or distribution center.

It doesn’t matter what size of delivery you have either. If you have an FTL freight shipment, we have the vehicles to get it done. If you just need to deliver smaller items, choose a sedan and save some money. Curri never charges you for a vehicle that is bigger than necessary for the job. You can consider Curri as an extension of your delivery ops team.

On-Site, On-Time: Solar Panels, PV Modules, Rail Systems, and More

Solar suppliers, distributors, manufacturers, and contractors can rely on Curri to handle solar panels, PV modules, rail systems, and any other supplies and materials you have on hand. Your customers will soon learn that they can count on you for on-demand, on-time deliveries right to the job site. When you can offer service like that, your customers won’t have any reason to turn anywhere else. They’ll want to order from you time and time again to get their supplies and materials when and where they need them.

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What Is Solar Industry Last-Mile Logistics?

Solar industry last-mile logistics involves the transportation of solar equipment and materials to the end-user or jobsite. It typically involves navigating complex urban environments and adhering to specific delivery timelines.

Is Same-Day Delivery Available for PV Systems?

Yes, same-day delivery is available for PV systems, but it may depend on the location and logistics provider. Curri offers same-day and next-day delivery options for solar equipment and materials.

Is Dry Van Trucking Needed for Solar Equipment?

Dry van trucking is a common transportation method for solar equipment and materials, especially for long-haul and cross-country deliveries. However, for last-mile logistics, smaller vehicles like cargo vans and box trucks may be used.

Where Can I Find Jobsite Delivery for Solar Products?

Curri offers jobsite delivery for solar products across the United States. Customers can request delivery to their preferred location, and Curri will handle the logistics and transportation to ensure timely and safe delivery.

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