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On Site, On Time: Plywood, Trusses, Hardware and Bulk Freight

When we say we can take care of any delivery you throw our way, we mean any delivery. Whether you need trusses, oversized dimensional lumber, or bulk freight transport, we’ve got it handled. Our experienced network of drivers will get it to the job site on time and on-demand.

You don’t have to worry about whether your product will make it to the customer in time. All you have to do is request your delivery on the Curri desktop app, and we’ll take care of the rest. Our network of drivers are insured and background checked, so there are no worries on your part. You can trust your lumber deliveries are in good hands and that they’ll get to their destination safe and sound — and when they’re needed.

Final-Mile Deliveries of Any Size: Dedicated Routes, Hotshots, and Freight Services

Trouble with final-mile deliveries? Curri help with that too. The last mile can be hectic, to say the least, but not when you’ve got Curri at your side. We’ll select the right local driver to make sure those urgent, last-mile deliveries arrive in a timely manner. Your driver will arrive to pick up the delivery when you need them, and then we'll keep you updated with live tracking and notification updates the whole way.

Your last-mile delivery will arrive on time, and you’ll get a confirmation photo and digital signature when it does. This means peace of mind for you and excellent service for your customers.

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What Is Lumber Delivery Logistics?

Lumber delivery logistics involve the planning, coordination, and execution of transportation for various types of lumber, including dimensional lumber and engineered wood products.

How Is Lumber Transported?

Lumber is transported using various modes of transportation, including flatbed trucks, dry vans, and specialized trailers. The most common method is flatbed trailers that can accommodate different sizes and shapes of lumber.

Why Is the Last Mile Difficult in Lumber Shipping?

The last mile of lumber delivery is often challenging because drivers must navigate through residential areas with narrow streets, low-hanging trees, and overhead wires. Additionally, vehicle and staffing constraints often result in expensive or slow service.

Is There a Local Lumber Courier Service Near Me?

Yes, Curri offers nationwide delivery services with local couriers. You can use Curri for same-day, schedule, or dedicated delivery services. We always have a driver close by.

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