Talking Efficiency and Virtual Fleet Logistics on the ConTechCrew Podcast

Colby Morgan

October 19, 2022

Colby Morgan

The ConTechCrew Podcast explores the innovative and breakthrough technologies shaping the construction industry. In this podcast, suppliers and distributors can learn about new technologies to increase efficiency, profitability, and business growth.

In this episode of The ConTechCrew Podcast, Curri’s Co-founder and CEO, Matt Lafferty, sits down with James Benham and Jeff Sample to dive into fleet elasticity. Matt explains how Curri's virtual fleet is making a big difference in the construction and industrial supplies industry across the United States.

The Rising Costs of Fleet Vehicles, Staffing, and Liability

How much does it actually cost to have an in-house fleet? The initial cost of acquiring vehicles is one of the highest costs associated with owning and maintaining a fleet. Not to mention gas prices remain historically high. Vehicle maintenance, liability, and staffing all contribute to your fleet's laundry list of costs. These factors force businesses to ask whether having an in-house fleet is still worth it.

Fleet Efficiency and Elasticity Can Grow Your Profit Margin

An outsourced fleet is less expensive and allows your company to scale your fleet up and down based on demand. By reducing the number of vehicles sitting around, the overhead costs associated with an in-house fleet will drastically lower and increase profit margins by only paying for what you need.

In today’s world, having a flexible fleet is crucial for any company with high volumes of delivery. With Curri, you can access an on-demand fleet at your fingertips. What does this mean for you? You can have an experienced delivery driver and vehicle of your choice at the pickup location in 30-45 minutes. Curri allows you to choose the exact vehicle type you need, and you’ll never have to worry about how to make a delivery if your vehicle is down or your trucks are already out making deliveries. Not only do you provide your customers with an exceptional experience, but you also save time and money.

Curri Helps Keep Your Fleet Flexible to Match Market Conditions

At Curri, our fleet is available on call as needed to make any delivery. Whether you need a hotshot for a gallon of paint or a dedicated service to move heavy-duty items such as sewage pipes or machinery, our wide range of vehicles allows you to only pay for what you need. You no longer have to use a sprinter to deliver something that can easily fit in a car. Our virtual fleet can patch leaks in your revenue stream you may not have even known were there.

Learn More About Our Solutions for Logistics and Delivery

Curri was designed for distributors, suppliers, retailers, and manufacturers. Want to learn more about how Curri can streamline delivery and equip your business with an efficient and elastic fleet? Get in touch with our team to have a conversation. Or you can try Curri yourself - signing up is free and easy; you only pay for the deliveries you book.

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