Four Delivery Drivers From Curri Join the Rideshare Rodeo Podcast

Curri Team

March 8, 2022

Curri Team

We’re featuring the Rideshare Rodeo Podcast again because it’s just that good! On our last featured Rideshare Rodeo episode, our CEO & Co-Founder, Matt Lafferty, was on to talk about the benefits and perks of driving with Curri as well as how Curri works.

In this episode of the Rideshare Rodeo Podcast, you’ll actually get to hear firsthand from some of our drivers! This episode brought four of our delivery drivers together for a roundtable to discuss what it’s like working for Curri, the money they’re able to make, what drivers can expect, tips for new drivers and more. Listen to the episode below or read on to learn about some of the topics they touch on and why Curri is the best gig app out there right now.

Breaking It Down: Why Curri Is the Best Gig App

Curri is the best gig app because we actually treat our drivers like humans. We respect our drivers and want them to succeed in the gig economy and make as much money as possible. Listening to our four drivers who are featured on the podcast, you’ll hear them touch on some of the aspects that make Curri different from other rideshare apps.

Here’s a quick summary of what makes us a better gig option than the other guys:

Great Pay: Every rideshare driver wants to make their own schedule and enjoy the freedom of the gig economy, but the fluctuating pay can make it difficult. With Curri, you’ll make more than you’ve ever made with Uber, Lyft, Amazon or other options.

Use Any Vehicle: Unlike other rideshare apps, we welcome vehicle variety. Our customers have all kinds of different delivery requests, so we need vehicles of all shapes and sizes.

Get Paid Well in All Markets: Drivers agree that the pay may vary by market, but you’ll get paid great no matter what market you’re in.

Driver Support: Our support team is fast and ready to help you with any issues that might crop up while you’re driving.

In the episode, the panel even comes to the consensus that you cannot get paid more on other gig apps when compared to Curri. The numbers definitely speak for themselves, but we want our drivers to know that we’ll always be transparent with them. You’ll know exactly what a job will pay and what it entails before you take it.

Curri Is Changing the Final-Mile Delivery Game

Curri is changing the way final-mile delivery is done. Typically, final-mile deliveries are a nightmare logistically. Now, businesses in the construction supplies and materials industry can call on Curri 24/7 to get their deliveries finished on time. On-demand delivery is possible thanks to our vast fleet of vehicles and the amazing drivers behind the wheel.

With this modern solution, businesses of any size can have an efficient, affordable and highly effective delivery ops team.

Join the Construction Couriers at Curri

If you’re interested in becoming a construction courier at Curri, we’re ready to welcome you on board. Becoming a Curri driver is an experience that we know you’re going to enjoy. In addition to the freedom and money, our business is B2B. That means no dealing with the hassle of passengers or the mess of food in your car. You just pick up and drop off. Turn your vehicle from a liability to an asset today. Sign up to become a Curri driver and see how a gig job is supposed to be.

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