Matt Lafferty, Curri Co-Founder and CEO, Joins the Dealer Low Down Podcast

Curri Team

September 19, 2022

Curri Team

The Dealer Low Down is the perfect podcast for dealers and distributors across every industry, and it's also a great listen for manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers. So it’s a perfect fit for Curri and Prokeep, two companies building the future of supply chain infrastructure.

In this episode of The Dealer Low Down, Curri’s Co-founder and CEO, Matt Lafferty, sits down with Prokeep’s Sales Manager, Adam Holtman, to dig into the details and explain how Curri and Prokeep can make a difference for distributors, dealers, and suppliers across America.

Better Delivery Operations Improve ROI for Dealerships

In any industry, poorly optimized delivery operations can result in a massive waste of time and money, not to mention a terrible experience for customers. You have staffing costs for drivers, plus maintenance, insurance, and fuel costs for your vehicles, and the cost of purchasing or leasing vehicles in the first place.

In today's era of online ordering, same-day shipping, and real-time delivery tracking, customer expectations have never been higher. If a delivery is delayed, canceled, or mishandled, you could lose that buyer’s business forever. And this is all the more important in the construction and contractor fields, where project deadlines and important contracts hang in the balance.

For all of these reasons, it’s critical to have a bullet-proof solution for delivery operations. When you streamline delivery, you can protect your business and get a real return on your investment.

Curri Simplifies Delivery Logistics

With Curri’s delivery logistics, you can take the uncertainty out of delivery operations with a flexible toolkit that adapts to your business.

If you need Curri to handle every route for a regional supplier, we've got you covered. If you just need to fill in hotshots a few times a month, we’re there. If you want to be able to offer your customers same-day last-mile delivery (without changing your delivery operations at all) Curri is your on-demand everyday solution.

With real-time GPS tracking, digital delivery confirmation, and a clear delivery logistics dashboard, we make the tech aspect easy. With experienced, local couriers with a full fleet of vehicles from sedans to semi-trucks, customer service is always on point. And with no signup fees, no recurring fees, and clear billing so you only pay for the deliveries you book, Curri is affordable and costs are always manageable.

Prokeep Simplifies Communication for Distributors

Distributors in any industry will tell you that successful sales teams depend on the relationships and communication channels they have with their customers. A missed phone call could cost you thousands of dollars in revenue. In today’s fast-paced communication era, you have more to worry about than missed phone calls. Emails, text messages, online orders, social media messages (and, of course, phone calls).

Prokeep makes it possible for counter sales reps to communicate with customers easily, all from their countertop computer. They can send text messages directly to customers, right from the Prokeep software. All communications are clear, simple, and documented. You can also send and receive pictures with Prokeep, so customers can show rather than tell.

When customer communication is easy, you can focus on building relationships. If a customer has a critical order and they need a rapid response, Prokeep makes it stress-free. If a customer just wants to ask a passing question about your products or services, Prokeep keeps it casual. It's simply the best solution for communication in construction.

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Curri was built for distributors, suppliers, retailers, and manufacturers. Want to learn more about how Curri can streamline delivery and logistics operations for your business? Get in touch with our team to have a conversation. Or you can try Curri yourself - signup is free and easy; you only pay for the deliveries you book.

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