Curri Co-Founder & CEO Matt Lafferty and the Rideshare Rodeo Podcast

Curri Team

December 17, 2021

Curri Team

Rideshare Rodeo is an amazing resource for gig economy workers everywhere. You’ll get to listen to stories from other drivers in the gig economy, news and trends in the industry and the best tips and advice to succeed in the industry. Recently, Matt Lafferty, our CEO, went on the Rideshare Rodeo Podcast to share his thoughts on being transparent with rideshare drivers, how Curri is designed to be one of the best gig jobs out there and why rideshare drivers should think about adding Curri to their app repertoire.

Listen to the podcast below and read on to learn more about what drivers can get when they work for Curri and how it’s changing the game for drivers and the construction industry alike.

The Benefits and Perks for Curri Drivers

Curri provides plenty of benefits and perks for our drivers. We’re up front about what you’ll be getting with Curri, so you know if being a courier with us is the right decision for you. We want our drivers to feel like they’re part of the team, and we want them to know exactly what they’ll be getting as a courier with us.

Here are some of the primary benefits and perks you can expect when you become a driver for Curri:

You can join Curri with vehicles of any size. You can join Curri whether you have a sedan, a semi-truck or anything in between. We also welcome specialty vehicles like bobtails or flatbeds. Nearly any vehicle can be part of the Curri fleet.

Curri is expanding rapidly. We're currently expanding and hiring drivings in major metros across the continental US.

You can be a hotshot or a route driver. You can pick your routes, so you never have to take gigs that don’t work for you or your schedule.

Curri is a B2B service. So you don’t have to deal with passengers or worry about transporting food in your vehicles.

As Curri grows, you can grow with us. We’re always transparent with our drivers about the pay, their loads and everything else. We will continue to be transparent with our drivers in the future and do everything we can to provide them with the best gig job experience out there.

Curri Is Revolutionizing Last-Mile Delivery

Curri is changing last-mile delivery for the better. In the past, distributors, suppliers, manufacturers and wholesalers in the construction supplies and materials industry would have to supply their own fleet or rely on independent contractors. With Curri, they can get a reliable service they can count on. Curri makes it easy for those in the construction materials and supplies industry to hop on the app, specify their delivery and ensure that it gets where it needs to go on time and affordably. With the varied fleet and the number of drivers, they can have the peace of mind of 24/7 on-demand delivery. They can also ensure that their delivery can be made no matter what size it is.

Also, since our customers can request deliveries of any size, this means all of our drivers get work. Drivers with the smallest cars to the largest trucks will be able to get deliveries sent their way.

Get Started With Curri, the Construction Couriers

Does Curri sound like the right fit for you? Just sign up today to apply to be a driver! We are looking to be the best gig app for drivers and customers alike. If you’re in the construction supplies and materials industry, make sure to sign up for an account to get the best construction courier service in the industry.

Ready to get started? Become a Curri driver today!

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