Curri CEO & Co-Founder Matt Lafferty on The Gig Economy Podcast

Curri Team

February 22, 2022

Curri Team

The Gig Economy Podcast is a great listen. Gig economy workers can tune in and listen to other stories from the gig economy, get the latest news and possibly find the best-paying gigs out there. In this episode of The Gig Economy Podcast, Matt Lafferty, the CEO & Co-Founder of Curri, sits down with the host to talk about what Curri does, how it’s changing the game for delivery drivers and why gig economy workers should consider Curri as their next endeavor.

Curri makes construction supplies and materials delivery easy, and it’s revolutionizing the construction industry in the nation and across the world. Listen to the podcast below to learn more about it, or read below if you’re interested in becoming a driver or using Curri as your courier service.

The Curri Delivery App Is an Amazing Gig Job

To explain Curri simply: Think about it like Uber or Doordash but for construction materials and supplies instead of food or people. Curri asked a simple question — couldn’t rideshare be used for business-to-business deliveries instead of just business-to-consumer service?

Of course, for a gig economy worker, the most important question is how it compares to driving with Uber, Lyft, Postmates and the like. The short answer is: it’s much better. Curri is a great gig job because it pays well, and we help our gig workers acclimate and train so they’re able to succeed in the job and get the most out of it. Curri pays better than Uber, Lyft, Amazon and other delivery jobs.

Also, when you first start as a courier for Curri, you don’t just get requests thrown in your lap. First, you’ll get access to Curri’s training, so you know what to do and how to do it. This makes Curri a better experience for gig workers.

When you join the Curri fleet, you play an important role in our business. Our drivers are an essential part of giving our customers the best experience, and we treat you as such.

Curri Is Building a Business That Works for Delivery Drivers

Curri is building a better version of the gig economy. We work for our delivery drivers, allowing you to work whenever you want and get paid accordingly. You can always turn to Curri when you’re needing help or have questions about the job. With our compensation system, you’ll be able to make more money than you’ve ever made working other delivery or gig economy jobs. We want to foster a collaborative environment working with our drivers.

The best part about working for Curri is that nearly any vehicle is a useful addition to our fleet. If you have a semi-truck, Uber isn’t going to find that useful. But when you sign up with Curri, we’ll send plenty of work your way. Curri is one of the only rideshare apps that you can work for whether you have a sedan, pickup truck, flatbed, box truck, cargo van, bobtail or any other specialty vehicle. This is what makes Curri so useful to the demand side of our business. Our customers need a wide variety of vehicles to get their deliveries done efficiently and on time at an affordable cost to them. For the supply side, we need a vast fleet. That’s where our drivers come in. You can turn your vehicle into an asset that works for you.

Find Out More About Curri, the Construction Couriers

Interested in driving for Curri? We’re interested in adding you to our team of construction couriers! When you join the Curri team, we’ll provide you with the training you need, and you can get to work right away, taking as many jobs as you see fit. You’ll love the money you make and the freedom our platform allows you. Sign up to drive with Curri today and get your application started.

Also, if you’re a supplier, wholesaler, manufacturer or distributor who would like to use our services, make sure to create an account with us (it takes less than 1 minute, no strings attached!) and start making the most of the Curri fleet.

Ready to start driving with Curri? Sign up here!

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