Curri’s Same Day LTL Service for the Construction Industry

Larry Bernstein

January 24, 2022

Larry Bernstein

Experts predict that 2022 will be a good year for the construction industry, particularly with the passage of the infrastructure bill. However, the industry is facing headwinds due to labor shortages and supply chain slowdowns. These two challenges impact each other. One way construction companies can compensate for labor shortages is to be more efficient. Having building materials delivered and on-site as needed leads to greater efficiency. Even a delay in delivery of LTL (Less than Truck Load) can make a difference in productivity.

Curri offers same-day LTL delivery service of construction supplies. Materials can be expressly delivered right to a construction site, without delays. Productivity can be maximized, and a project will remain on schedule. It all starts with carefully considering logistics.

Why LTL Transport Is a Problem for Supply Chains

There have been many news stories about supply chain woes. And while everyone knows at this point, supply chain snags have led to increased shipping costs, delivery delays, and logistical nightmares, no one solution has been found to remedy the problem. With shipping companies backed up and overwhelmed, LTL shipments are not a priority.

Why? Consider your company is short on drivers. Why send out an LTL shipment when you can send an FTL (full truckload). The practicality of this scenario is obvious – one-stop delivery is quicker and cheaper. However, LTL shipments are necessary as not every order fills up a truck. Although the logistics may be more complicated, LTL shipments are essential as they allow even the smallest shipment to be delivered.

Why the Middle Mile and Last Mile Are Often Weak Links

Most attention and debate are focused on the first mile of shipping i.e. moving goods from a manufacturer’s production facility to a warehouse. Yet, the middle-mile and last-mile are typically bigger challenges to overcome regarding delivery.

Middle-mile delivery, which involves moving products from a centralized location to a store, may involve different shipments for each route. The goal is to keep the store well-stocked, and doing so means keeping close tabs on what is selling. Middle-mile delivery can also be a rush job as stores do not want to lose sales. LTL delivery may be needed to ensure stores have a popular item.

Last-mile delivery, or delivery of an item to an end-user such as to a foreman at a construction site, may also come in the form of an LTL. Moving small/singular loads is more time-consuming and costly. In the case of the last mile, the driver’s route may very well be different every day.

How Curri Can Strengthen Your Delivery Operations

Construction projects are notorious for running over budget and late. Time and money are bound together. When a project is completed on time, it's much more likely to stay on budget and deliver the profit margin the general contractor is anticipating.

Short on lumber, missing a tool, lacking sufficient piping or fixtures, etc. These seemingly minor circumstances lead to costly delays. When materials are not on-site, the workforce is left idle, which can be frustrating and cause employees to become more lackadaisical. Instead of using the valuable and needed workforce to pick up essential construction supplies, construction companies want manufacturers and retail outlets to come to them.

And that’s where Curri comes in. Curri helps the construction process by offering express LTL delivery for last mile and middle mile shipping. Whether it’s a one-time, periodic, or regular delivery, Curri can step in and make the LTL delivery. By offering this delivery service, manufacturers and retail outlets can help customers keep their construction projects on schedule.

By having Curri be part of the team, distributors/manufacturers/retailers can limit or eliminate their fleet. That’s because you have Curri’s fleet, which has vehicles of all sizes and functions, available so that you can always count on Curri to have the right vehicle for the job. Curri can simplify LTL delivery and keep your customers satisfied.

Powerful Logistics Built for Your Business

The logistics around delivery can be headache-inducing for a business owner. Add in the need to ship building materials expressly, and it can be overwhelming, especially with all the supply chain challenges the industry is facing.

Curri’s powerful logistics program provides your team with everything it needs to make an LTL delivery. And it’s simple. The program is accessible through an app that you download or on your web browser. The user-friendly system enables you to schedule and track delivery. With this completed, you don't need to stress the LTL delivery. Instead, you can be on to the next challenge and keep your customers satisfied. Construction material can be moved quickly and reliably with a powerful logistics program.

Curri's Construction Couriers Are the Answer

Want to strengthen your LTL delivery? We make it easy. Get started with Curri and find out how we can help you get construction materials delivered quickly and have your customers impressed. We can assist with middle-mile and last-mile delivery for LTL, so you can be confident about every shipment.

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