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Same-Day Delivery Logistics for the Energy Industry

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On-Site, On-Time: From Oversized Freight to Single Items

With Curri, you can get your oil & gas supplies and materials delivered directly to the pump shop or well, at whatever time you need them to get there. It doesn’t matter how big or small your delivery is, we can take it on. Our fleet network is equipped for everything from oversized freight deliveries to single-item deliveries.

We do this by making our delivery platform customizable, allowing you to specify the load and the size of vehicle you’ll need. If you just need a small tool delivered, request a small sedan. If you need a huge order delivered, request a semi or flatbed. It’s your call and you’ll save money because you never have to order a vehicle that’s bigger than necessary.

Dedicated Routes, Hotshots and Freight Services, Nationwide

Curri can seamlessly become a part of your delivery ops. You can select last-minute, same-day deliveries, or you can request Curri for your dedicated routes. Whether you have hotshots, round robins routes pickups + drop offs, LTL or FTL deliveries, you can rely on Curri. Our virtual fleet is designed to make things easier for you, so just let us know what you need us to do. You can even provide us with your manifest and let an experienced driver handle it from there. There are no annual fees, no subscription fees, and no sign-up fees. Just use Curri when you need it and pay per delivery. With Curri, there’s no fuss, hassle, or invisible fees. You just save time and money while offering better customer service.

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What Is Energy Industry Last-Mile Logistics?

Energy industry last-mile logistics refers to the final step of delivering energy-related products to their intended destination, often involving specialized transportation and handling.

Why Are Hot Shot and Freight Services Important for Oil & Gas?

Hot shot and freight services are important for oil & gas because they offer fast and reliable transportation of equipment, materials, and supplies to remote locations and time-sensitive projects.

Can I Get Same-Day Transport for Heavy Freight and Industrial Materials?

Yes, same-day transport for heavy freight and industrial materials is available through expedited freight services that specialize in urgent shipments, like Curri.

Is There a Dedicated Provider of Transportation Logistics for Oil & Gas?

Yes, Curri is a dedicated provider of transport logistics for oil & gas, offering customized solutions and specialized equipment to meet the unique demands of the industry.

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