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On-Site, On Time: From Oversized Freight to Single Items

Curri ensures your products are delivered on site and on time, with great customer service. Whether you have an oversized freight shipment or just a couple of tools, you can rely on the Curri network of drivers to handle it. We can offer these services because of our vast, nationwide fleet. Our fleet network has every type of vehicle you could need for farm and agricultural deliveries.

You can request semi-trucks, flatbeds, box trucks, SUVs, sedans, pickup trucks, and anything else you might need to load your shipment. We also have specialty vehicles for specific delivery scenarios. We’re sure to have the right vehicle for the job. Best of all, you only have to pay for the size of the vehicle you use. No more overpaying for a vehicle that’s bigger than necessary for the job at hand.

Tractors, Vehicles, Equipment, Tools, Supplies, Feed, Bales, and More

You can easily schedule any farm or agricultural delivery with Curri. Our network of independent drivers deliver tractors, agricultural vehicles, equipment, tools, supplies, feed, bales, and much more. When you have to drive these supplies, materials, and equipment from Point A to Point B, it can be a hassle. But when you have the Curri fleet network ready to go at any time, these deliveries are as simple as can be. Just request your on-demand delivery and rest easy knowing your delivery is as good as done.

With Curri, suppliers and manufacturers can offer their customers on-demand, same-day delivery. This will boost your customer satisfaction to all-new levels, and you get all of the credit! Your customers will always want to order from you knowing they can get their deliveries on the same day, delivered directly to where they need them.

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What Is Agricultural Logistics?

Agricultural logistics involves the transportation and delivery of agricultural products and equipment to their final destinations.

Is Same-Day Delivery Available for Ag Products and Equipment?

Yes, Curri offers same-day delivery services for agricultural products and equipment to ensure timely delivery.

Where Can I Find Jobsite Delivery for Farming Products?

Curri provides jobsite delivery for farming products, delivering them directly to the buyer’s location.

Does Curri Transport Heavy Freight for Ag Equipment?

Curri can handle the transportation of heavy freight, including agricultural equipment, ensuring safe and reliable delivery.

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