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A Partner for Manufacturers, Dealerships, Fleets, and Technicians

Curri is a partner for all manufacturers, dealerships, mechanics, technicians, and fleets that need vehicle transport. Our network of expert drivers will ensure efficient delivery of your vehicles, wherever they need to go.

The logistics and scheduling of vehicle transport can be a headache, but with Curri it's a breeze. Our drivers and fleet can always handle any delivery you can throw at them. Just submit your request and be amazed at what Curri can do.

Dedicated Routes, Hotshots and Freight Services - Experienced Local Drivers

Whatever route you have, Curri can take care of it. Our drivers are ready to cover your hotshots, scheduled routes, daily routes, LTL, FTL, round robins, and anything else you might need. Your vehicle transport jobs have never been easier.

Curri is flexible too. If you’re needing just a few vehicles transported every month, submit your request and we’ll be there when you need us. If you’re needing a Curri delivery service every day of the week, we can handle that too. We work on your schedule, so you never have to worry about bottlenecks, last-minute deliveries, or anything else.

Curri can be your entire delivery team or we can fill in the gaps when your team is shorthanded. Our platform is built to be as useful as possible for the businesses we partner with.

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What Is Vehicle Transport Logistics?

Vehicle transport logistics involve the transportation and delivery of vehicles, including cars and trucks, to designated locations, such as dealerships, businesses, or residential addresses.

Is Same-Day Delivery Available for Vehicles?

Same-day delivery options are available for vehicles through Curri, ensuring prompt and efficient transport.

Does Curri Provide Last-Mile Delivery for Cars and Trucks?

Curri provides last-mile delivery for cars and trucks, ensuring safe and timely transport.

Does Curri Handle Heavy Freight for Vehicle Transport?

Yes, Curri provides heavy freight transport services for cars, trucks, and heavy equipment.

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