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Delivery and Logistics for Paint Suppliers, Distributors and Manufacturers

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On Site, On Time: Industrial, Commercial and Residential Paint and Coatings

No matter where the job site is, our drivers will make sure your paint materials and supplies make it on time. You can use Curri to transport supplies to your commercial, residential and industrial painting customers. No matter your route, a local driver can complete it for you.

Curri is on demand too, meaning your customers can get their supplies from you when they need them with the help of Curri. Once you place an order, simply get the delivery ready, and an experienced driver will pick it up and bring it right to your customer - and you’ll look all the better for it. With on-demand delivery services, your customers will be happier than ever.

Last-Mile Deliveries of Any Size: Dedicated Routes, Hotshots and Freight Services

Whatever type of route you have in mind, you can rely on Curri. Our driver network can take care of your hotshots, scheduled deliveries, daily routes and LTL and FTL freight deliveries. If you want us to be a permanent part of your delivery operations, we can do that, or if you just need us every now and then, we can do that too. Curri offers you exactly what you need when you need it.

We’re able to do this thanks to our extensive fleet network that is rapidly growing throughout the nation. We have everything from pickup trucks and bobtails to flatbeds and semi trucks. In short, if you need a particular vehicle to get the job done, we likely have a driver who can get you what you need.

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What Is Paint Industry Last-Mile Logistics?

Paint industry last-mile logistics involve the transportation and delivery of painting supplies, including paint cans, brushes, and equipment, to residential and commercial locations.

Does Curri Provide Same-Day Delivery for Painting Supplies?

Yes, Curri provides same-day delivery for painting supplies, ensuring timely availability for painting projects.

Is Hotshot Trucking Available for Bulk Paint Delivery?

Hotshot trucking services can be utilized for bulk paint delivery, ensuring efficient and reliable transportation.

Where Can I Find Jobsite Delivery for Painting Products?

Curri offers jobsite delivery for painting products, bringing them directly to the desired locations.

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