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Same-Day Delivery and Logistics for MRO and Industrial Fabrication

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On Site, On Time: Bearings, Lubricants, Parts, Tools, and Industrial Machinery

With Curri, you can get all of your MRO supplies to your customer on time, every time. Whether you need to transport fasteners, janitorial products, metalworking supplies, heavy machinery or anything else, Curri has you covered. When you work with Curri, you can offer your customers the best delivery service possible. You can tell your customers that their supplies and materials can be available on demand.

Curri's network of drivers is always ready to get your supplies to their destination. With a robust fleet, experienced drivers, and powerful logistics software, you can always count on us to get the job done.

Final-Mile Deliveries of Any Size: Small Orders, Oversized Loads

If you’ve got final-mile deliveries, you can use the Curri platform to complete them. It doesn’t matter what size of delivery you’re needing, either. If you have a small order, a bulk shipment or anything in between, you can trust the Curri network to take it that last mile. Just put your request in, and we’ll select the right driver and send them your way.

With Curri, everything is easy. You request your delivery, we match you to your driver and then they come and pick it up. Once the delivery is out of your hands, you still have access to live tracking and delivery notifications, so you can keep an eye on things every step of the way if you choose. Once the delivery reaches the destination, you will receive a signature confirmation so you know exactly who received your materials.

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What Is MRO Last-Mile Logistics?

MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Operations) last-mile logistics in the fabrication industry involve the transportation and delivery of fabricated materials, components, and products to industrial and commercial locations.

Does Curri Provide Same-Day Delivery for Fabricated Materials?

Curri offers same-day delivery for fabricated materials, ensuring prompt availability for maintenance and repair needs.

Where Can I Find Jobsite Delivery for Fabricated Products?

Jobsite delivery for fabricated products is available through Curri, bringing them directly to the desired locations.

Does Curri Transport Heavy Freight for Fabricators?

Curri can transport heavy freight for fabricators, ensuring reliable and secure delivery of large and bulky items.

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