Same-Day Building Materials Courier Services for the State of Texas

Same-Day Last-Mile Delivery for the Construction Industry in Texas

Needing a same-day building and construction materials courier in the State of Texas? Look to Curri for help. Curri is a convenient, easy-to-use solution that takes care of all your deliveries without costing you a ton of money.

With Curri, you can save money on deliveries, make your customers happier, and always stay on schedule. We can ease the current burdens of your delivery ops team or we can become your go-to courier for every delivery. Ready to see how we can enhance your delivery ops?

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A Tool for Contractors, Suppliers and Manufacturers in Texas

Curri is a delivery and logistics service that contractors, suppliers, and manufacturers in Texas can rely on. Partnering with Curri gives you access to an elite fleet of couriers, every delivery vehicle you could need, and robust enterprise solutions for net billing, accounts payable, and more.

Using Curri is incredibly easy. You just set up your account and download our app to get started. Once you’re set up, you can start ordering deliveries in your area. Curri is one of the best tools a contractor, supplier, or manufacturer can have in their arsenal.

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The Curri Network Expands Your Team of Drivers

Curri can do more than just fill in the gaps of your delivery ops team. If you’re needing a full fleet expansion, we have you covered. Whatever you’re needing, Curri can accommodate you. We provide a huge fleet of vehicles of every shape and size, able to handle any delivery you might have.

Our fleet network has sedans, pickups, box trucks, semis, flatbeds, specialty vehicles, and just about everything else. If you have to deliver one item, we can get it there. If you have multiple freight shipments, we can do that too. Curri is designed to work the way you need it to work.

With Curri, you also get access to a professional team of drivers. Curri network drivers are fully trained, insured, and background checked. You can always count on them to provide you with excellent service.

Final Mile, Last Minute — Same-Day Deliveries Directly to the Job Site

Final mile, last minute deliveries can be difficult to plan for with your regular delivery ops team. Instead of dealing with the stressful logistics of same day, last mile deliveries, just let Curri handle it for you. You can just enter your delivery details and we’ll send a driver your way. No worries on your part and no stress.

You’ll also get tracking for your delivery throughout the entire process. Once it’s in the driver’s vehicle, you get living tracking and update notifications that show you the delivery progress. The driver will then send you a final photo and digital signature to confirm delivery completion.

Of course, last-mile and last-minute deliveries aren’t the only way you can use Curri. We can help you with your scheduled deliveries, hot shots, LTL and FTL deliveries too. There’s no delivery too big and no route too long. We can get you taken care of.

On Demand Statewide: Dallas, Houston, Amarillo, and More

Curri is proud to offer our services to the entire state of Texas. You can get local, on-demand service in Dallas, Houston, Amarillo, and much more. Curri allows you to provide your customers with guaranteed on-demand delivery. Your customers will be happier than ever and your operations will be running smoother than you ever imagined. You can always trust Curri to make you look good and help your bottom line while we’re at it.

Curri is located in Texas and many other locations all over the nation, and we’re expanding all of the time.

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