Frequently Asked Questions

We're here to help.

When is Curri open and available?

Monday-Saturday 6AM-10PM Nationwide • Closed Sunday

How do I pay?

Curri offers Net billing for our enterprise customers. To instantly book, simply add a card to your account and we'll charge upon successful delivery.

Is Curri available in my area?

There are drivers across the nation driving for Curri. The Curri fleet is strong & vibrant.

What are some common use cases for Curri?

We deliver material from the supply store to the jobsite, from one branch to another branch, or really from any point A to any point B.

What can Curri deliver? Are there any size restrictions?

We deliver any item: from 20' pipe bundles to water heaters, or small pipe fittings to lumber. Book a Car, Truck, or Flatbed based on what you need delivered.

Who are your drivers?

Curri is like Uber for construction supplies. Our drivers are insured, background-checked, and thoroughly trained. We keep our overhead low and pass the savings on to you.

Does Curri offer insurance?

All of Curri's deliveries are insured up to $25,000. We can also provide higher coverage if needed – just get in touch.

Is Curri a moving company?

No, Curri is not a moving company nor do we offer special concierge-type services. While our truck drivers do keep straps and (sometimes) moving blankets on hand, they are not equipped with protective plastics or bring along an extra helper.