Curri mountains
Curri mountains

Curri Driver Hub

Welcome to the Driver Hub!

Make the most of your Curri experience by taking advantage of all the resources available on this page, from blog articles to training resources, to Curri Driver local Facebook groups, this is the place for you!

Whether you’re making your first delivery, or your 100th, we have the information you need to help you understand and master the Curri Driver app, get a perfect delivery score, and track your earnings.

Curri mountains
Curri mountains

Driver Resources

Training and Safety

Here you'll find all the information, tutorials, and tips you need to get started with the Curri app and stay safe while driving.

Drive with Curri Articles

Here you'll find dozens of valuable articles written just for Curri drivers. From Driver Scores to Direct Deposits, from Motor Vehicle Requirements to Tax Information, it's all here for you.

Check out the complete list here.

Training Videos

The Curri team is always developing new resources for our drivers, and that includes helpful videos that break down specific aspects of the driver experience. These three training videos are recommended for new drivers:

Training PDF Materials

In addition to our library of articles and training videos, we've also prepared convenient PDFs with core training materials for new drivers. These are perfect for downloading on your phone, sharing on social media, and sending to other drivers.

Curri Referrals

Help us grow in your area and let us know who would benefit from using Curri.

Driver Blogs